Georgia Martial Arts & Self Defense offers comprehensive instruction in the traditional Japanese martial art of Aiki-Jujutsu (Aikibujutsu). We are an officially licensed branch of the Aikibujutsu Tanren Kenkyukai, an organization developed by Obata Toshishiro Kaiso. Aiki-Jujutsu is available at both our Acworth and Smyrna locations.
Aiki-Jujutsu is the parent art of aikido, as well as judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and as such there are many similarities. Our training program is descended from the martial training of the Samurai of feudal Japan, with methods refined to be relevant today. We study the theory and applied principles of Aikido, Aikibujutsu and Edo Torimonojutsu. These time tested methods can minimize the inherent advantages of size and strength, giving the practitioner of the art an advantage both in and outside of the dojo.
Aiki-Jujutsu is an all-encompassing discipline consisting of striking, grappling, arresting methods, weapons, ground skills, and throwing or controlling an opponent. Weapons instruction includes bojutsu (6' staff), jojutsu (4' staff), and tantojutsu (knife). Balance, body movement, joint locks, and timing are emphasized. Aiki-Jujutsu can be summarized as the forbearer of today's mixed martial arts.


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