Aiki Instructor

Corn Hole Tournament at Atlanta Tech Village • Image by We Get Around Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod

Mason began his martial arts training with Shotokan karate as a child, expanded into Kempo karate during his college years - where he was also exposed to Kyokushin, Iaido, Kendo and Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu - and finally came to the Atlanta Budokan in the Fall of 2000.

Mason is an award winning digital media professional and has written, produced and edited on-air and online creative content for Cartoon Network and Fox Sports. He has read too many comic books and has watched far too much Doctor Who.

When not in the dojo Mason teaches Argentine Tango with his beautiful wife, lifts an assortment of heavy things in the gym and performs a bizarre alchemy that transforms words &/or pictures into a paycheck.