Lead Judo Instructor

Brief info

Matt NeSmith started his martial arts training while in high school with Ron Morris in Okinawan Kenpo. He received his black belt (Shodan) in Kenpo in 1996. Matt NeSmith started Judo in 1991 while attending The University of West Georgia in Carrollton Georgia studying and training under Hap Wheeler, Sensei of The West Georgia Judo Club. During his years at West GA, he competed in many tournaments on the local level and attained a modicum of success.

He also became the president of the West GA Judo Club and held that role for three years. During that time, he helped teach a P.E. class that is offered at West GA by the Judo Club. Teaching and coaching Judo has become the focus of his training since then. He earned his blackbelt (Shodan) in 2000 from Colonel Winston (Ret.) in Valdosta GA. Matt is a registered coach through USA Judo, the governing body for Judo in the U.S., and has trained as a referee. He has had the opportunity to train with some truly great Judoka here in Atlanta like Leo White, Bob Byrd, Josh White, and Mark Fletcher.

He has also trained with international Judoka as well. Through these experiences he keeps apprised on all the current rules for competition Judo as well as adding practical applications of Judo.